Paintings inspired by Christiane Slawik's photos (13-7-2011)

I became inspired by some of the beautiful photos by Christiane Slawik. She has allowed me to create paintings using her work as a basis.

U can view her photos on her website:

New paintings added

I have added some of my latest work to the collections "horse paintings" and "other paintings".

Painting horses

Welcome to my website! My name is Karin Voets and one of my biggest passions is painting horses. Besides painting horses I also paint other animals and flowers on a regular basis. With this website I try to give the viewer an impresssion of what my works are like. Unfortunately though I don't have photographs of all my works, so what you'll see is only a fraction of my complete collection. I will however, try to update the site with all my future works. For information you can always reach me at the following e-mail:

Paintings by Karin Voets

To give you a first impression, below I have listed a small collection of my works. For more examples of my work use the tabs on the top of the page.

horse paintings


horse portret triple

For more examples of horse paintings please reger to the tab labeled: 'Horse paintings'.

flower paintings


sunflower painting by Karin Voets
large flower painting by Karin Voets

For more examples of flower paintings please refer to the tab labeled: 'Other paintings'.